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""What size to choose?" "

Here at Ichiban we have 3 types of dogi’s:
Black Label, White Label and Dojo Line.

The Dojo Line dogi is a light suit, perfect for beginners and children. The White Label dogi is a bit heavier, for more advanced Karate practitioners. The Black Label is the heaviest and is most often bought by people who have been practicing Karate for years.

The dogi sizes are classified with a number for each size. Below you will find a complete list of every available size.
Please pay attention: not every size is available in all 3 dogi types.

000 (90-100), 00 (100-110), 0 (110-120), 1, (120-130), 2 (130-140), 3 (140-150), 4 (150-160), 5 (160-170), 6 (170-180), 7 (180-190), 8 (190-200), 9 (200-210) and 10 (210-220).

The numbers between brackets show the length in centimeters and are a reference to the length of the person it is suited for. Please keep in mind that all dogi’s will shrink about 10% overall the first time(s) you wash them. E.g. Someone who is 1m82 tall, should choose a size 7 (180cm to 190cm), this allows for the dogi to shrink after the first washing. You can only return unwashed and unused dogi’s.

For more information about our dogi’s please refer to the individual pages of all the dogi’s and click on “Details”.

The belts we sell are divided into 6 sizes: XS (170cm), S (210cm), M (250cm), L (290cm), XL (330cm) en XXL (370cm).

A belt is included with each Dojo Line dogi and each White Label dogi, tailored to the size of the dogi. A belt is not included with the Black Label dogi’s.

If you have more questions about what size to choose, you can always ask your teacher for help.

Other products
For all other products you can ask your teacher for assistance on choosing the correct size; or you're free to come to our store and try different sizes on.