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"Washing instructions"

Our dogi’s are made of 100% cotton. This means that if you wash them wamer than 30°C, the cotton will shrink.

When you buy your dogi’s, it will probably be a bit too big. The first time you wash it, you wash it at 40°C. After that you let it dry (do not tumble dry) and then you can try it on. If it is still a bit too big, you can you can repeat the process until it fits.

Once it fits perfectly you should only wash it with cold water from then on. Do not wring the dogi and do not use any chemicals. Also do not submerge the dogi for longer periods of time ( 12 hours) in cold, still water. This will cause the cotton to rot.

Ironing is allowed.

We will not take back any dogi’s that are damaged because of wrong washing methods.

Other items
Our line of white basic protection (e.g. BD04, BD07,…) can be washed, but hand wash only. Do not wash them in the washing machine or tumble dry.

Ichiban wear (Ichiban hoodies and sweaters)

The washing instructions for both our hoodies and sweaters can be found on the inside label. We recommend closely following the washing instructions to make sure your hoodie or sweater stays in perfect condition.