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"Terms and Conditions"

1. All our sales, works, deliveries and services are carried out according to the following conditions.
No other conditions of the client will be accepted.

2. Our offers are made without any obligation with regard to the delivery and execution dates, which are always approximate.

3. Our invoices are always payable at the registered seat, net, without discount and cash. All invoices that have not been paid by the fixed expiry date will be increased with interest until they are paid in full by operation of law and without notice of default, with an added interest of 9,5% yearly until full payment has been received. In the event of a failure to pay an invoice as a result of negligence and without serious reason, the amount after notice of default will be increased with 5,5% – with a minimum of EUR 125,00 and a maximum of EUR 1.500,00 – as conventional compensation for the costs that it has caused the company by operation of law after notice of default, without this payment hindering any application of 1244 of the Civil Code in favor of the debtor. Furthermore, compensation will be owed for relevant collection costs resulting from the payment arrears. Non-payment of an invoice results in all invoices– even those that are not yet due - becoming due and payable immediately and also allows for suspension of implementation of all current contracts and/or for the termination of current contracts, without prior notice of default.

4. All collection and protest costs of an accepted or not-accepted bill will be borne by the client. Offering bills does not change the place of payment. Furthermore, by drawing a bill we do not waive any of the aforementioned rights. Drawing a bill never applies as substation of one debt for another.

5. Possible complaints are to be sent to our registered seat, by registered mail and within eight days, with a clear description of the defaults which allow us to completely hear and determine the case, if not they will not be accepted.

6. Nullity or voidability of any provision of the general conditions does not impair the validity of the remaining provisions. The void provision will be replaced by a valid provision that reproduces that intended by the parties in the null or void provision as accurately as possibly. At all times, the company has the right to alter the general conditions. She will notify the customer in writing. Should the customer not object to the mentioned alterations, in writing within 14 days after the receipt of this notification, the customer is expected to have accepted them.

7. In the absence of proof to the contrary, our administration is taken as evidence of the sales, works, deliveries and services carried out by us, and of payments effected by the customer. The company and the customer acknowledge that electronic communication can serve as evidence.

8. Belgian law is applicable to all our sales, works, deliveries and services. All disputes belong exclusively to the jurisdiction courts of our registered seat, namely the justice of the peace court, the commercial court and the court of first instance in our district, according to the case. This also applies when bills are drawn on the client. This jurisdiction clause concerning the courts may only be derogated from by our voluntary decision.

9. In case you would like to return items please always contact our head office before returning them. Goods that are returned without notice will not be seen as returns.

9.a. Returning items or exchanging items

After consulting us you can send us the good you’d like to return. If you would like to exchange the goods you’re returning for other goods, we’ll send them to you and charge you again with the transport costs. If you would like a refund, we’ll transfer the amount to your bank account, after subtraction of the shipping costs.

9.b. Returns because of an error on our behalf

If you want to return ordered goods because of an error on our behalf, Ichiban MAE will refund the costs you make to return the goods. If you would like a refund we’ll transfer the amount to your bank account.

10. Items from our "Sale" category cannot be returned or exchanged.