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"About Ichiban"

We are a young company founded in Europe on the 1st of January 2009, but development of our products 2 years before that date.

Our founder had a dream of being able to offer reasonably priced, high quality karate dogi's to the general public; along with all the protection and different accessories that karateka's use. And so he set out to create Ichiban MartialArts Equipment, the Champion's choice. The idea of getting the best for less; became the leading thread for all the products we developed and sell.

Seven years later we are a strong player on the market with our karate dogi's; which come in 3 different types: Black Label, White Label and Dojo Line.

Alongside the karate dogi's, we sell a range of high quality protection items, gloves and accessories.
In 2015 we also introduced ICHIBAN wear, high quality hoodies and sweaters in three colours; which are perfect for being embroidered with your dojo name, logo, or anthing you want.

Even though we are still a young company, we have the right experience.
People with a lot of experience in martial arts are involved during the different stages of developing new products.

We have stores and representatives all over Europe selling and promoting our products; but we ship orders worldwide.

Get the best for less, right here at Ichiban. It's your sport, we share your passion.